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    Welcome to the Angela Thirkell Society Web Page. Here you'll find a comprehensive collection of resources pertaining to Angela Thirkell, the British author who wrote during the 1930's - 1950's and charmed readers with her portrayal of English County life. The Angela Thirkell Society brings together people who read Angela Thirkell and enjoy her books. The society provides a variety of publications and holds meetings, both regionally and nationally; this site is hosted and maintained by the Angela Thirkell Society of North America.

The Angela Thirkell Society of North America 2014 meeting will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida October 10-12, 2014 at the Renaissance Cruise Port Hotel, 1617 SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The room rate will be $109 per night, and will be extended for three days before and three days after the meeting, for anyone who would like to extend. We have also been able to hold the registration fee to the same $120 as the 2012 Hartford meeting, including Friday and Saturday night dinners, two Saturday tea/snacks, and Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. We hope that you will consider attending.


Angela Thirkell Society The Society - Who and what we are.
Books and Companions - when they were published, a brief description, and links to Companions.
Dictionary - Johnny Pate's Dictionary, on-line, thanks to Tom Barton.
Her World - Related books and sites about her era and family.
Book Summaries -Remembering each Barsetshire book.
Permanent Collection -At the Beinecke Library, Yale University.
Leeds University - A catalog of her papers,contributed by Lance Thirkell to Leeds.
Angela Thirkell - A brief biography.
How to participate - A form to fill out
Other Publications - A list of other writings by and about Angela Thirkell.
- Hazel Bell has contributed her Angela Thirkell index.
Publishers- Publishers in the U. S. Today.
Barsetshire Books - We read Angela Thirkell. But what are people in Barsetshire reading?

The Society in the U.K.
- Read about Angela Thirkell in the U.K., and visit the web site:

NEW BOOKS FOR BARSETSHIRE FANS, by ILIL ARBEL, download for your reading enjoyment:

Miss Glamora Tudor!
Their Exits and their Entrances


Angela Thirkell Map    Officers
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  • Treasurer: KATHLEEN FISH

  • Divagations Editors: SUNNY GWALTNEY, SUSAN SCANLON

  • Records: LYNNE CROWLEY

  • Renewals & Compliance: SARA BOWEN

  • Production: SUSAN VERELL

  • Book and Publications Chair: JERRI CHASE

  • Publicity Chair: TOM JOHNSON

  • New Members: JANET SCHMELZER

  • Board of Directors: Penelope Fritzer - President, Sara Bowen - Vice-President, Kathleen Fish - Secretary/Treasurer, Board members: Lynne Crowley, Susan Scanlon, Sunny Gwaltney
The Angela Thirkell Society of North America was formed to further educational and literary interest in Angela Thirkell. A $15. donation brings you access to the ATS Journal, usually published annual in the U.K., and the ATS Divagations, published three times a year, as well as access to books and articles, and information about North America and U.K. meetings.
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